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Updated: Jul 6, 2023

I'm so excited to finally announce the new devotional book that I have written in the last couple of months.

I wanted to share how it came to fruition and how God nudged me to drop my insecurities and be vulnerable. Simply put, to trust Him with the outcome.

Sometime last year, I created a journal that had several prompts to help guide me in my devotional time with Him. I kept it in a three-ring binder and soon enough, I had a thick binder with all my conversations with our Savior.

I was sharing it with my daughter, Mercedes-Ashley, and God used her to speak to me in a mighty and somewhat frightening way. She said, "Mom, you should turn this into a book!" I giggled a bit, but I felt a tug in my heart at the same time. Every time I would write again in that binder, the reminder of that moment would continue to encircle my spirit.

After many conversations with God, I finally gave up and said, "Okay God, how do you want me to approach this? I don't know how and what I need to do." Sure enough, He showed me each step, each direction, each word, and even the title. Most of all, He wanted me to surrender each word He had given me during my time with Him and share them with you.

So here it is. This is me being real and vulnerable. This is me sharing my private words along with His Words in hopes that you too would stop and listen to what He's saying directly to you.

I pray that you would use this devotional as your journal also and record your own conversations with Him.

May it bless you and may He reveal Himself to you in a fresh way.



You can get it online through Amazon here:

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